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March Observing Evening - Update

This is a reminder about our planned observation evening, this coming Friday (24th).

As with all observation evenings, we are dependent upon the weather. Against that background, various CAS Committee Members will congregate at 1830 hours in order to assess the sky cover and viewing conditions.

If the weather is good, we will go ahead as planned. If the weather is poor we will try to put something on the website to that effect, but stating that Members & Guests are still welcome to congregate at the Observing Site for coffee & chat plus, for those who wish to bring their scopes, the opportunity to discuss with the Members any problems that they might have in operating their telescope.

There have been one or two people asking for guidance on how to use their scopes and using the Hall we have hired for this purpose might be a good opportunity. After all, instruction is so much more successful when we can all see the scope and its controls. Plus, anything that is dropped will not end up in the dark grass !

(*) Outline of planned observation evening on Friday, 24th March 2023.

Start time : As from 1900 hours for those wishing to set-up ; 2000 hours for all others

End time : 2359 hours.

Location : Available in Members Only Area of Website

General Notes :

1) This observing evening is for CAS Members and their Guests. Children are welcome providing that they are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

2) Please remember that walking around a field in the dark is not without its risks. CAS Members and their Guests attending the observation evening should take all reasonable and appropriate steps to protect themselves, other people and to look after their own property.

3) Whilst we will have a number of telescopes on display, please bring along your own telescope and/or binoculars if you can.

4) The Village Hall facilities will be open.

5) We suggest that you bring along a torch with a red light if at all possible. Please note that normal torches will limit your own night vision and also the night vision of other people ! You may possibly want to consider downloading to your phone a red light/night vision app from the Google/Apple store.

6) Remember that the key to successful star-gazing is based upon i) warm clothing, ii) a deckchair or similar and iii) patience – it takes time for your eyes to “night-adapt”

7) If you bring your own drinks etc., please make sure that the containers / cups etc are non-breakable…we do not want to leave any broken glass or pottery on the field.

If you have any questions please post a query using the website contact us form.

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