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The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Hello all! A spectical of the skies! a rare occurance! We don't often get a Solar Eclipse, especially a total one, in fact 1999 was the last total solar eclipse in the UK. Luckily or not so, there is another Solar Eclipse on the horizon. in the distant west many Canadians,Americans and parts of Mexico will be able to witness a Solar Eclipse today, 8th of April. However it's not all doom for us, According to other sources a partial Solar Eclipse can be visble from the south of the UK, hoping the clouds don't get in the way! The Eclipse will be visable for 4min 28 sec, at 2:27pm ET or 6:27pm GMT in the US but in the UK a partial Eclipse in western areas will arrive between 7:52pm and 8:51 GMT. But remember to wear the correct glasses, as normal shades will not work. We may not get to see it first hand this year, but I am sure we'll see plenty of great photos online, We will get to see a few more partial Eclipses with greater viewing on 29th of March 2025,and others of higher percent but not total eclipses in the next few years. However our next total eclipse will be on september 23rd, 2090! a few years away. Will you look out for it?

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